Alpha Gamma Rho

Alpha Gamma Rho at the University of Kentucky isn't like other fraternities. In AΓP you'll get the opportunity to experience both a social and a professional fraternity. AΓP does what you expect a social fraternity to do: socialize with other students on campus and people in the community. AΓP is also like other social fraternities in that it has a strong group of members and a house you can live in during your college years. But AΓP is more than just one of those strictly social fraternities; it is also a professional fraternity. All members of AΓP have related career interests. AΓP is for young men pursuing any career related to the agriculture, food or fiber industries. One more difference: at AΓP there's no pledging. You join as an equal member. AΓP does a careful review of all potential members in advance, so there's no need for a "weeding out" process.