Bluegrass Youth Ballet

Organization Contact Name: 
Amy Haley
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Specific Projects: 

Marketing/Advertising/Communications: Need marketing support and delivery of flyers to schools, address envelopes, etc. 

Accounting/Budget/Finance: We try to handle all of our accounting/finance in house, but we require a lot of hand-holding unfortunately. As the Administrative Director, I rely on my banking background to navigate this part of my job, but have also had to self-teach myself things like Quickbooks, certain reporting, etc. Board Reports and Quickbook reporting is not my strong suit, but we are often asked for specific reporting as we are a 501c3. We do have an accountant on our board and someone out of our office who handles our payroll. 

Fundraising: As a non-profit, we are constantly having to look to outside sources for income. We participate in KY Gives Day and are currently doing a capital campaign as we are moving locations, but we simply do not have the staff to devote to fundraising like we should. We ask our board to help with this a lot, and they do some, and they have a development committee, but simply more manpower is necessary. Our mission is valuable to many in Kentucky but knowing who and when to ask is not something our staff has much time to focus on. 

Grant Writing: The woman who used to do most of our grant writing has left BYB and has not been replaced. We have a parent who does help write grants in exchange for tuition credit, but we truly need someone who can devote more time to this. As a non-profit with our outreach program targeting minorities, we are eligible for so many grant opportunities that we are not able to see through because we don't have the time to get the applications completed. Also, if we are awarded the grant, there is follow up paperwork to prove how funds are used, etc that we also struggle to complete. This is a huge hole in our staff. 

HR Management:  Most of our HR management happens by our Artistic Director. She does a fine job of getting these tasks completed, but it takes up an enormous amount of her time doing payroll, checking hours, following up on Insurance quotes etc. 

Website Design/Support: Our website is in major need of an overhaul. There are plans in the works, but they have been for 2 years. We have finally removed a lot of the baggage off of the site, but are still running with several-year old photos and an outdated layout. We have a couple of people (volunteers) who are capable of making the changes necessary, but again - their time runs out before they get to that massive project.