Community Inspired Solutions

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Rebecca Webb
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Specific Projects: 

We need help setting up a bookkeeping system for tax purposes. We have an accountant who files our 990 for us but need help with the day to day.

Assistance with creating program databases.

Assistance to identify sponsorships and event types, and how to get the biggest bang for our buck when planning and hosting events.

Assistance with narrative/grant writing to secure funding.

Help establish a method of evaluating our program effectiveness and documenting the data. Knowing what to ask and how to ask it to obtain the information we need.

Graphic design and social media needs are to become more literate in designing flyers, brochures, and promoting our programs and events on social media. We currently have Facebook and Instagram but I don't know a lot about Instagram. Current funding does not allow us to have a full-time PR and Marketing person.