Eastern Avenue Sober Living Inc.

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Vernon Pressley
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Specific Projects: 

EASL is in the business of helping our clients to recover from addiction and returning to be productive members of society. We need volunteers or interns that can provide this kind of service. We would like healing arts intern, social worker interns, community nursing students, nutrition interns, family support/healing interns. These are types services we desire, but are willing to take any that we can get. 

Students may be involved in the following programatic activities:  Working with up to ten women in various stages of Recovery Dynamics; Healing arts program that can help to calm the overactive mind; Teach meal preparation and healthy eating; Education on how to develop the skills to become productive members of society; Family relationships and how to develop the habits to return to the family; Learning how to budget finance; How to dress for success; Working with others; Healthy methods for women wellness.

As a new NPO fundraising is difficult, because funders want to see a track record of fund management before they offer opportunities to a less than one year NPO. Need to identify grants for new organizations.

Baseline research on clientele and programs in our area.