Explorium of Lexington

Organization Contact Name: 
Lee Ellen Martin
Organization Contact Email: 
Specific Projects: 

Fundraising - identifying potential corporate sponsors, writing a solicitation letter, researching best practices in online giving.

Graphic Design laying out a general brochure and looking at our other materials and tweaking as necessary.

Infographics:  Developing tools to tell the story of the Explorium through infographics.

Education:  Research programs that families can do at home for our daily posts while we are closed to the public.

Education:  Research gifted and talented weekend/summer programs offered at universities, other children's museums, etc. Pull together information about the different programs and curriculum resources. Depending on time, develop hands-on programs to go with different topics.

Social Media:  Evaluate our current social media efforts, determine what posts are most successful and why, develop a calendar of social media posts.

Volunteer Management:  We do not have a good volunteer base. Determine strategy for recruitment of stable volunteers and create management systems for them.