InnOVATION Arts Academy

Organization Contact Name: 
Mary Joy Nelson
Organization Contact Email: 
Specific Projects: 

We do not have an accountant and need this type of assistance.

We have been talking about painting the studio with some pretty art designs.

There is also a need at the studio to put up posters and update the walls with pictures of shows and memorabilia.

We have multiple data bases that can be regularly updated and monitored.

 Event Management: We’re thinking of doing some sort of online cabaret but not sure how to structure it. Could use a pair of hands in this area. 

We do not currently have a grant writer for our organization. As the sole administrator, I have not had time to do a lot of grant writing or even research grants so this would be very helpful as a resource to our program.  Our organization must obtain grants and raise funds to remain functional.  We have only scratched the surface of grant opportunities and have too little man power to write a lot of grants.

Need an excellent marketing and advertising person as we may be looking at online classes this summer. We could certainly use help and expertise in this area.

Needs Assessment: We could use someone who can assess the needs of our organization during this strange time and help us to best allocate our resources and time.

There is constant administration work for the program, Including creating charts and graphs, sending emails, and keeping various organizational systems updated.

Research:  We are trying to figure out what our best online education tools will be and how to use them. It would be of great assistance to have someone research and report in this area.

We do a lot of logos and graphic posts for social media. This is an area where I have always had intern help in the past.

Everything we do is education related. If I have an intern that wants to teach or to work on curriculum, I always try to engage them in this area.