Living Arts & Science Center

Organization Contact Name: 
Lori Halligan
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Specific Projects: 


"Related" Fields (Arts, Science, Education, Engineering, Environment):

We are always looking to build partnerships in these subjects as we are consistently generating new programming and outreaches that fall within each of these.

As for the education-related option, it would be helpful to have updated informal education best practices as well as developing both formal and informal sets of metrics to gauge the successes of our programs.  

Public Relations (includes Graphic Design, Social Media, Infographics, Marketing, Videography, and Photography):

We need assistance to capture the LASC story through a variety of means better. This includes photos and videos that have an impactful meaning that can be used across platforms. Also, it would be helpful to have assistance with designing materials that will be distributed to a variety of audiences.

New and focused marketing help would be beneficial in getting our volunteer program and scholarship applications marketed to the communities that would benefit the most from them. 

Program Evaluations:  Assistance to gauge the impact of our programming at all levels to tell the LASC story better and show growth in our students who participate in after-school programs.

Training:  It would be beneficial to have access to a variety of training that would improve relations between the community and the LASC such as implicit bias training, effective management practices, and other opportunities that are related to the centers focus areas.

Fundraising needs include grant writing, event management, general fundraising, donor database management, etc. Interns would receive a well rounded experience in multiple aspects of fundraising.