Making a Difference Now (MADN)

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Diane Parrish
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Specific Projects: 

We would love guidance regarding branding, marketing, creating a tag line, social and traditional media campaign, promotion, etc.

We are a small, volunteer-only nonprofit. We need fundraising help, sponsorship development, and I'd love to form a partnership with a person or organization of means so that we could create a real 5 year strategic plan instead of chasing dollars.

Our need for volunteers varies and the specific needs themselves vary. Always needed are foster families, if not directly for MADN, then with sister agencies. How do we recruit young people??? A huge need for us now and essential for maintaining progress in the important cause of animal welfare.

It would be great if we could get videography assistance for our conferences and training workshop presentations so we could have someone video them, edit them, and then we could upload them to our website or youtube and provide links so that folks who couldn't attend the training live can still benefit from the info.