Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence

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Rachel Belin
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Specific Projects: 

We are always in need of strong graphic design skills for various public facing reports and social media campaigns on a variety of platforms (follow us on most @pcstuvoiceteam). And though we have relied on our high school members to handle this throughout the year, we could use extra skill and expertise during the summer--especially if we could apply them to building more capacity in our high school students. As the adult director, I would welcome the opportunity to work with a skilled volunteer to help us develop a unique set of graphics and templates we can use throughout the year and also support the production of a range of current projects from a report on our study of high school students during COVID-19 to our campaign to promote #TestOptionalNOW among KY colleges and universities.

Could use help in identifying new sources of funding, We are an innovative program that uses creative metrics to capture impact. Very hard to find foundations and corporations who can or are open to seeing that.

Can't have enough help with creative marketing especially since we have so much content to share! Many of our high school students are ambitious and assist in this area but they don't yet have the experience to provide what we need at every turn.