Sunrise Children's Services, Inc.

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Randall Elisha Greene
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Reimbursements from Medicare/Medicaid, managed care organizations and state agencies pay 70 percent or less than our actual cost of services. Nonprofits like ours are, in response, reducing locations, numbers of employees, etc., in order to remain financially viable. We need strategic guidance on long-term sustainability.

Federal Family First Act takes effect in KY in October 2019. Nonprofits like ours need research and resources that connect FFA requirements to the needs of rural communities and small towns which dominate our Commonwealth service area.

Our organization has a 150-year level of experience in child welfare in KY. We have transitioned dramatically from operating orphanages  to a full continuum of behavior health services. We need research to help us chart upcoming challenges as funding sources abandon congregate care (residential treatment), increase demands on therapeutic foster care, strengthen community-based services to help impoverished families, and expand prevention programs.