Important Documents

Learning Contract

  • Many service-learning and other experiential learning courses require the student and a faculty sponsor develop a learning contract which details the learning objectives and the assignments of the experience.

Feedback Forms

  • Assessment of service-learning programs is vital to their success and sustainability. At the conclusion of each service-learning program a feedback form should be filled out by each student and community partner participants.


Memorandum of Understanding

  • The University of Kentucky would like to have a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with each community partner with which it works.   The MOU helps define the relationship between the university and the community partner and outlines expectations for both UK and the organization.  The UK entity engaging with an organization is responsible to initiate the MOU if one does not already exist.  The MOU would need to be signed by the Provost and an organizational official who has signing authority for their organization.