Badge Blue: Earn a Civic Engagement Digital Badge!

How can UK students showcase the civic skills they acquire outside of the classroom to potential employers? Earn a Civic Engagement Digital Badge!

Badge Blue is an innovative way to capture and acknowledge skills, competencies, and experiences students are gaining beyond the university campus. UK’s Civic Engagement badges document competencies students achieve through a combination of civic engagement, community service, internships, co-curricular and curricular learning opportunities, and leadership activities. These badges allow students to highlight the skills they have developed that may not be readily available to potential employers on their resume or transcripts.  They can be added to a LinkedIn account as certifications or other social media accounts.

UK has developed four digital badges to recognize students who complete specific guidelines.  The badges provide tangible documentation of a student’s movement along the Active Citizen Continuum. The Active Citizen Continuum is a theoretical approach to community service that promotes immersive service, education, and experiential learning initiatives. This continuum highlights the dynamic journey toward Active Citizenship through service, social awareness, social issues education, and community-rooted engagement.

To review the Civic Engagement badge requirements, please click on the badges below.

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