Nonprofit Database

Welcome to the Nonprofit Database. Below you will find organizations from all across the Commonwealth. Click on an organization name to go to it's website (if available). You are able to select multiple cities and/or sectors to refine your search. You can do so by holding CTRL and using right click. This database does not contain all nonprofits in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
Organization: City: Sector(s):
Bluegrass Center for Teacher Quality Barbourville Education
Bluegrass Community & Technical College... Lexington Education, Children/Youth
Bluegrass Conservancy Lexington Environment
Bluegrass Greensource Lexington Education, Environment
Bluegrass Health & Education Inc. Lexington Education, Health
Bluegrass Heritage Museum Louisville Historical/Museum
Bluegrass Military Affairs Coalition, Inc. Lexington Health, Law/Advocacy
Bluegrass Org Inc Lexington Health
Bluegrass Pug Rescue, Inc. Louisville Animals, Law/Advocacy
Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center Lexington Education, Health
Bluegrass Regional Psychiatric Services Lexington Health
Bluegrass Regional Recycling Corporation Richmond Environment
Bluegrass RHF Housing Inc Florence Elderly, Children/Youth
Bluegrass Society for Human Resources Management Lexington Trade Organization
Bluegrass Sports Commission Lexington Sports/Recreation
Bluegrass Technology Center for People with... Lexington Education, Health
Bluegrass Tennis Association Lexington Sports/Recreation
Bluegrass Tomorrow Lexington Law/Advocacy, Tourism
Bluegrass Tourism Marketing Association (BTMA) Lexington Tourism
Bluegrass Training And Therapy Center Inc Louisville Children/Youth
Bourbon Heights Incorporated Paris Health
Bowling Green Chamber Orchestra Inc Bowling Green Fine Arts/Music/Theater
Bowling Green-Warren County Humane Society Bowling Green Animals
Boy Scouts Of America Louisville Children/Youth, Education
Boy Scouts of America - Blue Grass Council Lexington Children/Youth