Nonprofit Database

Welcome to the Nonprofit Database. Below you will find organizations from all across the Commonwealth. Click on an organization name to go to it's website (if available). You are able to select multiple cities and/or sectors to refine your search. You can do so by holding CTRL and using right click. This database does not contain all nonprofits in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
Organization: City: Sector(s):
CASA of Madison County, Inc Richmond Elderly, Health
CASA of the River Region Louisville Children/Youth, Health
Catholic Action Center Lexington Health, Relief
Catholic Charities Diocese of Lexington Lexington Health, Religious/Faith
Catholic Charities Of Louisville Inc Louisville Health, Relief
Catholic Education Foundation Inc Louisville Education
Cave Run Habitat For Humanity International Inc Morehead Children/Youth, Relief
Cedar Lake Foundation Inc Louisville Health
Cedar Lake Lodge Inc Louisville Environment, Health
Cedar Lake Residences Inc Louisville Children/Youth
Center For Accessible Living Inc Louisville Health
Center For Addiction Recovery Of Henderson Inc Henderson Health
Center For Great Neighborhoods Of Covington Inc Covington Children/Youth, Children/Youth
Center For Interfaith Relations Inc Louisville Religious/Faith
Center For Kentucky Rural Economic Development Inc Louisville Children/Youth, Law/Advocacy
Center For Leadership In School Reform Inc Louisville Education
Center for Nonprofit Excellence Louisville Children/Youth, Trade Organization
Center For Rural Strategies Inc Louisville Health, Law/Advocacy
Center For Women And Families Inc Louisville Health
Central Kentucky Audobon Society Lexington Education, Environment
Central Kentucky Community Action Council Inc Harrodsburg Children/Youth, Education
Central Kentucky Community Foundation Elizabethtown Children/Youth, Law/Advocacy
Central Kentucky Computer Society Lexington Education
Central Kentucky Council for Peace & Justice Lexington Law/Advocacy
Central Kentucky Interpreter Referral Danville Education, Health