Nonprofit Database

Welcome to the Nonprofit Database. Below you will find organizations from all across the Commonwealth. Click on an organization name to go to it's website (if available). You are able to select multiple cities and/or sectors to refine your search. You can do so by holding CTRL and using right click. This database does not contain all nonprofits in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
Organization: City: Sector(s):
Central Kentucky Regional Humane Society Lancaster Animals
Central Kentucky Riding for Hope (CKRH) Lexington Animals, Children/Youth
Central Kentucky Youth Orchestras Lexington Children/Youth, Fine Arts/Music/Theater
Central Music Academy Lexington Children/Youth, Fine Arts/Music/Theater
Centro Latino Danville Education, Health
Cerebral Palsy KIDS Center Louisville Children/Youth
Chamber Music Festival of Lexington Lexington Fine Arts/Music/Theater, Sports/Recreation
Chapter 13 Trustee, EDKY Lexington Law/Advocacy
CHES Solutions Group Lexington Education
Chief Officers Of State Library Agencies Inc Lexington
Child Care Council of Kentucky, Inc Lexington Children/Youth, Education
Child Development Center of the Bluegrass Lexington Children/Youth, Education
Child Watch Children’s Advocacy Center Paducah Children/Youth
Children Incorporated Covington Children/Youth
Children of the Americas Lexington Children/Youth, Health
Children's Law Center Lexington Children/Youth, Law/Advocacy
Children, Inc. Covington Children/Youth
Childrens Advocacy Center Of The Bluegrass Inc Lexington Health
Childrens Home Of Northern Kentucky Inc Covington Children/Youth, Health
Childrens Hospital Foundation Louisville Children/Youth, Children/Youth
Childrens International Lifeline Clay City Children/Youth, International
Children’s Advocacy Center of the Bluegrass Lexington Children/Youth, Law/Advocacy
Christ Church Apartments Inc Lexington Children/Youth
Christian Appalachian Project Lexington Health, Relief
Christian Benevolent Outreach Inc Lexington