Nonprofit Database

Welcome to the Nonprofit Database. Below you will find organizations from all across the Commonwealth. Click on an organization name to go to it's website (if available). You are able to select multiple cities and/or sectors to refine your search. You can do so by holding CTRL and using right click. This database does not contain all nonprofits in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
Organization: City: Sector(s):
Community Care Development And Management Inc Frankfort Children/Youth
Community Catholic Center Louisville Children/Youth, Education
Community Coordinated Child Care Inc Louisville Children/Youth
Community Education Bowling Green Children/Youth, Education
Community Foundation Of Louisville Inc Louisville Education, Children/Youth
Community Foundation Of West Kentucky Inc Paducah Children/Youth, Relief
Community Health Centers Of Western Kentucky Inc Frankfort Health
Community Hospice Inc Ashland Elderly, Health
Community Living Inc Louisville Elderly
Community Medical Associates Inc Louisville Health
Community Services Of Northern Kentucky Inc Florence Elderly, Health
Community Services Project Inc Louisville Children/Youth
Community Ventures Corporation Lexington Children/Youth, Relief
Comprehend Inc Regional Mental Health-Mental... Maysville Health
Conference Of Radiation Control Program Directors... Frankfort Education
Connected Nation Bowling Green Education
Corbin Public Library, Inc. Corbin Education
Corbin’s United Effort Corbin Education, Health
Cornelia and Derek Vaughan Foundation Lexington Animals, Fine Arts/Music/Theater
Cornerstone Child Development Center Inc Louisville Children/Youth
Council Of State Governments Lexington Trade Organization
Council On Licensure Enforcement And Regulation... Lexington
Council On Prevention And Education Substances Inc Louisville Health
Covington Ladies Home Covington Elderly, Women
Covington Partners Covington Children/Youth, Education