Student Service Organizations

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The mission of this student epilepsy organization is to unite students with or without epilepsy, to raise epilepsy awareness on campus and in the community.

Wildcat Wardrobe is a free professional clothing service for students sponsored by the University of Kentucky Student Government Association and the Career Center. The clothing will be provided for job interviews or other professional events that a student may need to attend.

She's the First*UKY is a campus chapter of a national nonprofit that empowers college students to become advocates for girls' education in low income nations through fund raising and awareness events.

Shoulder to Shoulder Global is an organization created within the University of Kentucky which incorporates other academic and community partners and seeks to improve the health and well-being of impoverished and underserved communities globally.

SSTOP Hunger: Sustainable Solutions to Overcome Poverty leads the University of Kentucky on the War on Hunger. The committee unites the Universities Fighting World Hunger and Presidents United to Solve Hunger chapters on-campus.

SMRC brings students into the National Medical Reserve Corps and helps them to become more active in the community. We strive to bring public health to the Lexington community and, more specifically, to UK's campus. Each year, we will have public health-related trainings and events that will be a benefit to our community. Our events and trainings will also benefit each member, by transforming them into more informed and educated citizens, who will be better prepared to respond to natural disasters and other possible threats to public health. This organization provides many unique opportunities for people interested in public health - such as students with majors in Pre-Med, Public Health, Health Services Administration, Public Policy, etc.

The Student Wellness Ambassadors mission is to inform students on aspects of wellness such as alcohol, drugs, mental health, general well-being, and financial wellness in order to promote safe and responsible lifestyle decisions.

Students for Education Reform (SFER) is not only a club but a student-led movement designed to end educational injustice. SFER empowers students to take action and to create a future in which educational equity exists for all children, regardless of their race, background or zip code. SFER is a fairly new club and our mission is to advocate change in the K-12 education system. Our chapter is entirely student-led and student-run on a volunteer basis and is open to ALL students regardless of major. No prior experience is required to be in this club. Yet, we are looking for individuals who are optimistic and ready to get involved. If that's you come and learn more about SFER!

Our mission is to end extreme poverty and violence in Honduras through youth empowerment and education.

Trew Friends is a student-driven, community-based club of young people across the nation. As an extension of the Heather Trew Foundation for Organ Donation and Research, we work in unison and follow the same mission. Through education, advocating and grassroots organizing, we seek to increase the number of registered organ donors and raise awareness of the importance of organ donations among individuals of all ages.

TWLOHA, Inc., is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. TWLOHA, Inc. exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and also invest directly into treatment and recovery. TWLOHA University Chapters is a network of student organizations on college and university campuses that exist to embody the mission and vision of To Write Love On Her Arms, Inc. Through organized meetings and events, each chapter serves as a voice of hope, inspiration, and support for students and their surrounding communities.

The RHA program has been implemented to give students an opportunity to get involved in the community and the Center, to help develop your understanding of rural healthcare issues, to acquire and develop your leadership skills, and to help recruit students for UKCERH programs.

Wildcat Service Dogs was formed to educate, raise funds for, and train service dogs for the disabled. Students participate in an intense training course and series of evaluations in order to receive a service puppy to house, socialize, and train for the first 12-18 months of his/her life.

Wrap Up America strives to raise awareness about poverty and to donate blankets to the homeless. At the University of Kentucky, it also seeks to gain connections within the community, integrating non-profit organizations with the college to meet the needs of that organization and providing an opportunity for college students to directly impact the community.